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The property has tons of stories to tell from an era which has left a distinctive footprint in the history of the state. Built around the year 1920, it is an architectural blend of Indian and continental styles. A true heritage home that has been retained in the purity of its original structure.

It was built under the vision of a great man, Mr.T.N. Kurian, one of the first Superintendents at CMS printing press in Kottayam. He named the house “Brookside”, which is English for the family name, “Thottungal”. The place has been handed down to 2 generations now and nothing changed from the authentic design. Everything holds a feather of pride from the past.

Why Achadipura?

The property is addressed as “Achadipura” and not “Brookside” as its builder intended. But, his job had a lot to do with this name change. “Achadipura” in the native tongue simply means ‘a printing press’. Mr. Kurian’s job at the CMS press and his role in its growth left a huge impression among the local population. This gave the house an epithet! “The printing press” or more beautifully, “Achadipura”.


It is also interesting to know that majority of the people doesn’t even know the place has another name. The postman would be the only one who acknowledges the existence of a “Brookside” in the neighborhood.  

The Present

The property has been handed down for generations in the Thottungal family. Now, the third generation owns the place. Mr.George Ninan, who had a distinguished career as the head of Human Resources at leading corporates and wife Susan, who was a professor of zoology, are now in charge of the beautiful house and the rich property. 

The hosts are extremely warm and welcoming, coming from a long line of hospitable ancestors. They welcome heritage and nature enthusiasts from around the world to join them for few days in the calm and quiet of village life in Kerala. After a 35-year long life in Goa, the beach paradise of India, this couple is ready to dip their leg in the calm of the Southern Indian country side. Their love and adoration for the rich traditional remnants of Kerala is made live through Achadipura.


Here, the aim is to practice a sustainable and environment friendly life by promoting the local products and services. This is an ode to our forebearers who lived in beautiful balance and peace with nature. A path to rediscover our purpose as protectors and not predators.

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