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Built in the Indo-British style, this 4780 sq.ft mansion is a true treat for the visitors. It is located within a Rubber estate of 2.1 acres, a more than natural environment for you to relax in. The entire roof is made with clay tile. The tiles are arranged in interlocking pattern pitched at 30-40 degree angles. This is a feature found in old houses around the region. This provides a cool atmosphere inside the house, even in the summer months. There are many other features making this house a truly beautiful work of art. Let us explore Achadipura:


This is the portico area of the house. A prime feature of the traditional South Indian architecture. It is a structure with open sides and a sloping tiled roof, supported with strong pillars. A perfect spot for people to sit back and relax if you prefer staying close to the earthy smell and light breeze. You can enjoy some quality time reading your favourite paperback or listening to your beloved artists.



Stepping in from the portico is a long stretched out portico with comfortable wooden chairs to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and have deep conversations or just dive into the peaceful silence. The verandah at “Achadipura” can be your space to create new bonds.



Crossing the threshold, you enter a large hall which is a combination of two areas. A living room space and a dining area. This is beautifully arranged with cosy and elegant furniture pieces. The hosts have particularly paid attention to keep the large space naturally aerated. There are many antique items, put to use in perfect creativity. But the most important feature you would notice is the flooring of this large room.

Athangudi Tiles

Manufactured in the Chettinadu region of Tamil Nadu, the Athangudi tiles are true elegance passed down from generations. Each tile is handmade using the local soil from the area. The designs are those that tell stories from the bygone era. It adds a touch of Indian craftsmanship to the architectural beauty of Achadipura.

Private Bedrooms


There are three private air-conditioned bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Each room is beautifully furnished and arranged with necessities for a comfortable stay. Beautiful drapes are provided to ensure your privacy is not compromised in any way. All the rooms are air conditioned and set with the right ventilation. There are dressing spaces close to the bathrooms.

The bathrooms are spacious and subtly designed. There is provision for hot water and cold water, according to your preference.

The hosts ensure clean bedrooms and bathrooms with nothing to cause any distress during your stay in the property.

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