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The hosts offer a number of activities for you to enjoy your time at Achadipura, beyond the walls of the house. They are taking special interest in unraveling the local lifestyle practices, the history of Kottayam, the magic of Ayurveda and above all the beauty of nature in its rawest form.

The energy walks: Mornings can be lazed away, tucked inside the comfort of your blanket but it is the perfect time to recharge your body and mind for a productive, positive day. This is what drives your hosts at Achadipura to take you for an energy walk. There are so many sights that can fill your eyes and heart with pleasant memories. If the annual monsoon turns out to be at the right time, the water lily spot near the property would be in full blossom in the morning during the months of July-December. A real therapy to lift your spirits with color! You even get a chance to step in a canoe and glide through the thick bloom. The local population would be up and about their usual chores during the early hours, milking the livestock, the paper boy in his cycle, women brooming their surroundings in the native way and many more. It would also get you ready to enjoy the delicious breakfast waiting in the house.

A scoop of the rich history: Kottayam is a town with a rich and celebrated history to be proud of, something that lies closely knit to the lives of the people. Your stay at Achadipura would be the perfect opportunity to get a clear picture of this momentous heritage of the land. The hosts would be arranging for a heritage walk around the town, introducing you to the ancient architecture, the old religious spots that holds a major part in the journey of Kottayam, the old market places and much more. You are also given an opportunity to see the old printing press at CMS press, see the first prints in their original fonts and form.

Keeping the local practices first: Since Achadipura stands for the promotion of the local practices, they are also giving you an opportunity to explore these personally. The hosts would be letting you try a hand at few of the chores at the property, like breaking open a coconut in the proper way, witnessing the latex tapping and collection and many more. These would be experiences that would stay fresh in your memories and add to your knowledge of this wonderful land.

The magic of Ayurveda: Ayurveda, one of the oldest alternative medical practices in the world itself, with its base in the ancient texts and Vedas is a major part of Kerala’s tradition. It has several practices that can bring out improvements in the mental and physical health of people. The massages in Ayurveda are known for their relaxing as well as therapeutic results. There are many local practitioners around the state who are very knowledgeable in the field and can be of great help. While at Achadipura, you are offered a chance to interact with such practitioners. You are also introduced to the natural medicines which may be native to the region. P.G Purushan Vaidyar's Herbal Heritage and Aayurvedasthan is located within 1 km of Achadipura, where you can get the service of certified Ayurvedic doctors. 

A walk into the fruit paradise: Homegrown, an orchard with many exotic fruit trees are being opened for the guests of Achadipura. You can walk amidst the line of trees in peace, a time within the purity of nature.

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