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Mrs. Susan George is a wonderful chef who has

in-depth knowledge in the local cuisine and is ready to give your taste buds a delicious ride. All the dishes are made from pure and natural ingredients. There is another highlight to the tradition of food at Achadipura; Mrs.Sosamma Kurian, the hosts’ grandmother, is the author of the first Malayalam recipe book named, “Pachakaprakaranam”. Thus, you will get to indulge in the flavors of  pure Kerala cuisine.


The menu is a real saga of taste from the traditional recipes of the state. Colourful, flavourful and everything local can be the motto for the food you get to enjoy at Achadipura. The hostess will provide you options of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan food that is sure to give you a healthy gut experience. The property also has its own vegetable and spice garden. How much more fresh can your food get?


From your morning coffee and breakfast to your scrumptious dinner, everything will be prepared in the Achadipura kitchen. You are also getting a chance to explore the cooking techniques for yourselves; Jot down the favorite recipes and  try them back home. The hands on experience can be a real culinary hack for the cooking enthusiast in you. The kitchen is a mix of modern and traditional techniques. There is the facility to cook in 'earthen stove', an age old method practiced around the state. The utensils from a bygone era are also being preserved with much care. 


The dining table will be a place for you to acquaint well with people over tasty food and interesting conversations. Mr and Mrs. George would be more than happy to share with you the specialties of  each dish you try. Organic and fresh products with handpicked spices and flavors can give you a burst of taste to remember!

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