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Black Pepper-The coveted Black Gold of God's Own Country

Updated: Feb 21

Man has always searched, found and fought for gold. The glittering metal

adorned the beautiful women of the world from the ancient times. Man

travelled miles and miles and dug and died for it. Yet there is another gold

which is not glittering. In fact it is black but yet men sailed unchartered seas,

braved storms, lost ships, made treaties, fought wars, cheated and killed for

this Black Gold – Pepper.

Kerala then known perhaps as the Malabar coast was renowned for its spices

from ancient days. Kingdoms of Portugal, Dutch, England, France, all sought

favours of local kings and chieftains for the right to trade in Pepper. And they

paid in gold and blood for it. Pepper still holds a place of honour in the cash

crops of Kerala. This beautiful vine produces about 40 thousand tonnes of

Pepper in the state. While India with Kerala leading was the largest producer of

Pepper in the world , this coveted position is now taken over by the intrepid


The thriving blackpepper vines at Achadipura

Not to be out done Kerala farmers too have looked at new ways and new

Varieties of Pepper to farm. Growing the new varieties on PVC pipes or cement

posts in an intensive way is now adopted .

Mr. George Ninan, the owner of Achadipura in a modern blackpepper farm

Achadipura Homestay is one of the first to experiment with the new methods

of Pepper farming. We hope this will a pathbreaker for farmers in the nearby

talukas to follow and thrive.

The blackpepper vines grow on almost any tree

While visiting Achadipura you will also get to see this tiny but powerful globes of glory thriving in the property. Hurry, come visit us!!

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